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Our services are customised and tailored to your individual needs. If you are doing Under-graduation, Master Degree, Diploma, Professional Degree or PhD, then we are here to help you. We provide three main services which are as below.


Essay, Assignment & Dissertation Editing, Improvement & Proofreading

This service can help improve your work with the help of our highly qualified experts. The experts thoroughly go through the work with the full understanding of the requirements of the work and they guide you for the changes and amendments. This helps you complete your work to the desired standard through checking the quality, flow and presentation.

Editing & Improvement service allows you to improve your draft to the required standard. We have native English speakers who specialise in the provision of the proof reading and editing services. They examined carefully to find and correct typographical errors and mistakes in grammar, style, spelling and punctuation.


Essay, Assignment & Dissertation Tutorial Help

This service is specifically designed for those who want to have face to face or online tuition to receive help and achieve a better understanding of their subject.


Essay, Assignment & Dissertation Supervision & Consultation

This service is for those who want to have consultation and supervision for the writing. We are happy to serve your writing needs by providing you appropriate consultation and guidance in carrying out the writing tasks. Our experts provide you consultation services to make you learn how the work should be done correctly. In essay, assignment and dissertation writing supervision & Consultation we mainly provide two services which are as follow.


1: Essay & Assignment Supervision & Consultation

Writing concise, coherent, well balanced and critical essays is the most important aspect of any academic course in the UK in almost all subject areas. This is also the preferred mode of assessment by the universities. Most students however need to develop skills and acquire knowledge required to write good essays and achieve better grades. Without these skills, many students end up being surprised and disappointed by their grades. There is however good news, Our experts are here to help ! With advanced degrees in their fields including PhDs and many years’ experience of mentoring students, our experts are well placed to advise you on how to get your essay done and much more. Please call us to discuss your exact requirements and to know how our experts can help !


2: Dissertation Supervision & Consultation

Dissertation is the single most important piece of work in your academic career that does not only determine the final grade that you achieve in your degree but also plays a key role in defining your future career direction. Many graduates find themselves being questioned about their dissertation or the final year project during job interviews. It is therefore critical for every student to write an impressive dissertation.

This is however easier said then done. Most universities have very high expectations but offer only limited tutorial support. Writing dissertation is a serious piece of research that requires conformity to strict criteria such as the rigour, validity, generalisability and the contribution to the body of knowledge. There are also strict norms in terms of data gathering, analysis and presentation as well as that for structuring the disertation.

Again, this is where our experts can help and guide you through this process. We provide individual attention and work with your exact requirements to chart out a strategy to significantly improve your dissertation. Please call us to discuss your requirements with one of our trained student councillors.


For further details please send an email at or call us at Mobile: (0044) 07926 164771, LandLine: (0044) 01865 922221; or request a call back service (UK based customers only, international customers can use Skype and our ID is oxbridge.tutorial) and one of our UK based student advisor will get back to you. 





Disclaimer: All services provided by us is for research purposes and are not intended to be presented as final work.  We do not sell pre written, specifically written or custom written essays for the purpose of submission to your institute.   

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